Example and Experiment


The frontpage of this website, as shown above, is an example of an artwork made with just natural colourants. In this drawing, amongst others, indigo (blue), chlorofyll (green), red from madder and yellow from weld are used.


The technique used for the frontpage of this website is silk-screening, which has been experimented most with so far. Shortly there will be more examples of silk-screening uploaded here.

(Line-)etching and Photopolymer

Natural dyes can also be used for etching. Some examples below. So far, we have used oil as a binder. Colourants that are not soluble in oil then function as pigments in the paint.


We have also experimented with other printing methods, like linocut and woodcut. Below an example of a woodcut-print, with indigo and curcuma.

houtdruk met indigo en kurkuma klein